Music has always been a passion and source of inspiration for me. I am a drummer (even though I haven’t done it in years) and an avid music listener. Music is on of the biggest inspirations for my photo and video work too. My dream job in high school was to work for a creative agency that did CD packing and all things creative in the music industry. Asterik Studios was my jam. Plus they made all the art for the Tooth and Nail and Solid State bands I was listening to. (BTW soooo looking forward to Furnace Fest 2021!) Asterik has since turned into InvisibleCreature  They have a great story about themselves on their website, you should definitely check it out here. All of that to say that this year I’m trying to mix my passion of photo and video with my passion of music a little more. I shot my first music video for the band All is Fair which you can check out on this post. I’ve now finished my second music video for a good friend of mine, Jahai. Here it is.

I have also been doing cd packaging and design for Jahai and Jerad (one of the other artists on his label, GODFIRSTMUSIC. Here is some of that work.

This really is my favorite type of creative work and its been a privilege to get to work with such good friends. I am currently in the process of making another music video for one of Jahai’s songs and can’t wait to share that here too.  

Let me know what you think.

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